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Drop Ship Music Equipment

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Dealers, licensed re-sellers, & online stores:  Get connected  with real musical instrument wholesale distributors with HUGE warehouses FULL of music equipment. Over 400 musical product manufacturers. We provide wholesale distribution confidential information to licensed dealers with a valid tax id. Drop ship services are available through core group of master wholesale distributors. Wholesale drop-ship services available with membership. We are a wholesale distribution Club. Uncover the real wholesale drop ship distributors that currently supply most of the small to mid sized music stores across the USA. This is not a public offer. You must provide a business license or tax id in order to join wholesale music club. More information is located at http://www.WholesaleMusicWarehouse.Com



 We only sell to / or deal with licensed re-sellers and dealers. Need help ? Contact Wholesale Music Club USA (951) 319-8485.  For wholesale musical instruments & accessories for students and check out our clubs super products & crazy low wholesale prices. The Wholesale Music Warehouse Club is only available to re-sellers. Sell student music equipment online and enjoy drop shipping.



You can start a business of your own for less than you might think. There is still good profit margins with musical instruments. Start making good money selling something you know and love. Over 1,200 wholesale musical instruments & accessories are available for immediate drop shipping. Get the brands you need at perfect wholesale prices. "You can spend 2 grand to visit the annual music industry B2B trade shows only to find 2 new suppliers, or you can join Wholesale Music Club USA - Instantly connect with over 120 Master-Distributors of the finest music gear out there."   



Musical instruments for sale to dealers with a tax id. Wholesale music warehouse USA connects your music instrument business with over 75 huge wholesale music instrument distributors. This is not a public musical instrument offer. The master wholesale music instrument suppliers we work closely with supply music gear such as acoustic guitar accessories, electric guitar, drum instruments, les paul style guitars, trombone instruments, acoustic musical instruments, electric musical instruments and much more.

Unless your company attends the annual music instruments wholesale trade shows, it is very difficult to locate the actual "behind the scenes" real business to business wholesale musical equipment and music instrument master multi-line distributors and/or music instrument dropshippers. In the USA there are only around 75 real multi product line wholesale distributors for musical instruments and music accessories. Not only do we give your music company access to our confidential musical distributor portal, but more importantly - we actually connect you directly with the music gear distributor.


Buy musical instruments on sale from the wholesale distributors by receiving monthly below wholesale specials via email from the master distributor directly. We get your music company connected by contacting our group of musical equipment wholesalers for you within 24 hours during normal business hours. You simply sit back and let the music instrument wholesale catalogs stream in. As a bonus, we also contact a couple hundred music gear manufacturers for you as well.

If you need music instrument brand banners, promotional posters, literature, display systems for acoustic / electric guitars, or counter top point of purchase racks We will ask the music instrument manufacturers and music gear distributors to send your music company free promotional items for your brick and mortar music store. Buy musical instruments wholesale from trusted experienced wholesalers. Many of the music gear wholesalers we work closely with have been in business for 20 years or more.

Drum Instruments are a large part of the music instrument "for sale" product offering. Cheap musical instruments are for sale and readily available. There are also many fantastic brands that are a bit more expensive. Buy musical instruments direct from the master importer and suppliers if you have at least a valid tax id or local business license. Music store instruments are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum instrument, musical instruments recorder, acoustic guitar accessories, buy electric guitars by many great brand names. Les Paul style guitars are very popular. Also, Fender body style guitars, flying v, SG, Cutaway, acoustic/electric and more. Our instruments are perfect for music students.

Instruments trombone and band equipment are also readily available for resale in your music store. More and moe people are buying musical instruments. Schools, Universities, Music Teachers, Music Instrument Rentals, are all great ways to move your music gear inventory. Buy wholesale.

Drop shipping wholesale music equipment suppliers are also available. Drop shippers stock the music products in large quantities and pack and ship your daily orders directly to your music gear customer. No need to inventory musical instruments at your location. Acoustic musical instruments are very popular and selling very well. Electric musical instruments are also equally as popular and profitable. USA wholesale drop shipper warehouses are located in strategic locations to maximize faster shipments to your music customers. Drop shippers provide quality music instruments at dealer cost.

There are also liquidation wholesalers available to supply your music company with well below wholesale prices. Liquidation wholesale is a great way to increase your music companies net profits. Liquidation wholesale warehouses are located in the USA to minimize shipping costs.

Many of our wholesale music retail members have great success selling at the local flea markets and swap meets. Liquidation wholesalers are great to buy from if you are selling at the flea market or swap meet. Buy musical instruments well below wholesale from liquidation wholesalers here in the USA. Your net profits will also increase when you buy from local wholesale music instrument distributors. Once you are a member with us, we will have real distributors contact your company directly within just 24 hours. (during normal business hours) Acoustic guitar accessories, great buys on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, cheap musical instruments, drum instruments, les paul style electric guitar, trombone instrument, musical instrument recorders, music store instruments are all available to licensed resellers with a valid tax id. or local business license. Wholesale to music trade only.

You have just found a fantastic wholesale guitars resource solution company that has been in business for 11 years in the Consumer Electronics industry and 7 years in the Musical Instrument wholesale guitars Industry. Acoustic guitar accessories are readily available for dropship. Your company must have a tax id to buy wholesale guitars or guitar accessories. Buy acoustic guitars wholesale from USA based master distributors. Guitar dealers often sell their guitars at local flea markets, swap meets, or through amazon, e-bay and also through their own retail websites. Buy electric guitars brand new at dealer cost from our extensive wholesale distribution network of drop shippers and distributors. Cheap musical instruments are available, however - most of the guitars sold through the distributors network are of good to high quality. The guitar styles that are available at wholesale cost are: 6 string acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars, cutaway guitar, les paul style guitars, six string electric guitars, bass, ukulele, banjos, steel string guitars, student sized guitars, fender strat style, flying v, lucite, double neck, kids guitars, learn to play guitar videos and dvd's, guitar combo packs, wholesalers stock many different guitar products. Tuners, strings, straps, stands, amps, cables, pedals, fx, effects, speakers, amplifiers, capo, elixer strings, drop shippers also pack and ship your orders for all kinds of guitars, guitar accessories and more. Guitar wholesalers in the United States stock thousands of guitar products like groove tubes shure microphones samson mics fender strings folk guitars, electric guitars double cutaways humbucker pickups girls guitars les paul style sg body style arched top electric bass guitars with gig bag acoustic electric bass 4 string, 5 string, six string, blue, pink, green, black, red, sunburst guitars, acoustic guitars of all varieties like 39" acoustic guitars, 36" guitars, acoustic works package, 12 string guitars, solid top dreadnought guitars, classical, spain, mandolins, banjo, f-style, electric mandolin 5ing banjos, classical guitar with nylon strings, buy wholesale from distributors and dropship suppliers here in the states.


Dean electric guitars, upright bass, banjo package wholesale cost of course. guitar cases wholesale fender case stands foot controller gig bag tweed gig bags banjo cases boss fx pedals, super overdrive fuzz equalizer bass overdrive blues driver mega distrortion pedal, reverb pedals space echo flanger, phase shifter, digital delay, loop station, acoustic simulator, super chorus, turbo distortion, bass chorus, metal core, instrument cables by monster cable, stageline, adam, hotline, and more. fender original pickups, capos, slides, guitar store displays, wholesale distributors stocking thousands of guitars of all styles. Guitar amps are also available as well as guitar strings, guitar capos, cords, practice amps, pignose, gorilla, fender, gibson, marshall mini amps, drop shippers are standing by to dropship your guitars and guitar products guitar accessories all across the USA. Buy wholesale and re-sell for a nice profit. Start a new business selling guitars and related products. drop shipping wholesalers only sell to dealers with a valid tax id. Liquidation wholesalers also offer closeout guitars and promotional guitar products at below wholesale cost. USA wholesalers are selling acoustic musical instruments and electric musical instruments plus fx pedals, amps, speakers, cables, mixers, recorders, guitar picks, Wholesale guitar distributors in the USA will only sell to music stores and e-commerce dealers.


Wholesale to trade only. No end user sales are made by the wholesale distributors. You may buy from the music instrument wholesalers if you have a valid tax id or local business license. Distributors also stock Ukulele's, dreadnought style, resonator guitars, banjos, banjo cases sold wholesale, triple neck guitars, sprucetop guitars wholesale, kids guitar / student guitar packs, combos, electronic tuners, distortion pedals by Boss, peads cases, metronomes, cromatic tuners, pickups guitar parts for manufacturers like tuning keys, acoustic guitar bridge pins, machine heads, universal plank heads, tremolo arm, strat style white knobs, tone bars, gauge slide, glass slides, chrome slides, strap lock, custom guitar picks with your stores name on them are also available to music dealers only. Peg board hooks and guitar display racks plus folding guitar stands and tubular guitar stands sold at dealer cost to musical instrument retail stores. Lubricant cleaners, instructional videos, music books, dvd's, guitar practice amplifiers are very popular. Overdrive amps, 2 channel guitar amps, bass and keyboard amplifiers, built in tuner amps with reverb, digital recorders, wholesale warehouses carry 9 volt amps, portable guitar amplifiers, guitar strap amp, plug n play mini amps, micro amp, ac/dc amp, practice amp, wholesale guitar suppliers here in the USA are standing by to drop ship your orders to your customers. Acoustic guitar amplifiers are now stocked. Batter powered guitar amp with Ipod docking. Wireless guitar amps are available through many wholesale sources. Guitar string wholesalers carry a variety of strings by black diamond, ernie ball, fender, gibson, d'Addario, washburn, martin, ghs, boomers, dean markley and more. Connect with guitar wholesale distributors and drop ship companies easily by using our confidential wholesale system.

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